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*~*ChAd MiChAeL MuRrAy*~*
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Looking to contact Chad? Well, you'll find some useful information here. Before you start, please READ this page!

Does webmistress, Jen know Chad personally?

Can I explicitly say NO! I do not but the further you go on this page you realise that I sound like I know Chad personally, I do not! However, I do know someone who lives in NC where "One tree hill" is filmed and she lives literally 30 feet away from this trailer.. no joke. Seriously! My friend who lives down there has spoken to him a few times and has even obtained a sweatshirt which belongs to Chad (we think!) because there was white dog hair on it and Chad owns a white dog!! The sweater is XXL, black and has "On location: North Carolina" written on it. We're not entirely sure if it is Chad's for definite but there is no-one else in the cast who owns a white dog (or is there?) but only the cast got given these sweaters during the winter to wear inbetween takes as it gets mighty cold. Also, I'm NOT bragging to you!! I'm just telling you because I get tons of emails saying how much of a liar I am or asking if I'm connected to Chad.. Now you know, you do not have to email!!!


 Can you help me get this letter, package or script to Chad?

No, sorry! I made a promise to my friend not to give out her address to any fan who requested it and of course will not give it out to anyone who asks-Apoligies! Please use the addresses given here- they do work!

Can you help me get Chad to reply to my letter?
Why doesn't Chad reply to my letters?

No, sorry! - If he doesn't reply to your message it is because he doesn't have the time to do so.
However,Chad really appreciates all the kind words from his fans-believe me! He loves his fans a lot and appreciates everything you do for him.. He still can't believe how successful he is!

Anyone got Chad's residential address?

Err.. No!! No serious celebrity fanpage should EVER carry his residential address because the fewer people that knows it, the less chance of an obsessed fan stalking the celebrity - or worse.
Also please don't think it doesn't happen to nice people or less famous people, because as long as you're 'known' to some extent there's always someone out there not able to handle his emotions or desires towards you, and that may easily turn ugly.

Does Chad read all the mail we send to him?
How does the mail to Chad work?

Okay, it's a simple thing. The official address (the C.A one) is well known and is definitely not his actual home address.. It is most probably the address of his agent or just a place where Chad and his team have agreed to keep his mail. As you can pretty much tell, Chad is extremely busy and therefore it could take years for him to actually send out replies to his fans. If you are planning on writing him at his addresses please note that he barely has time for himself and because of his new popular T.V show there will be dozens and dozens of fan mail being sent daily. Can you imagine replying to millions of people? Yes, but as sweet as Chad is he insists that he will read All his mail personally and will get back to the fans as soon as he can. Because of his hectic schedule he hasn't checked his mail in ages so please bear with him, if he doesn't reply he most definitely has read your mail or will come to reading it at some point. How do I know this? Good point. I have a friend who lives nearby and she went to visit the set for me "I did get to talk to his publicity person she said that he has been so busy with filming those two movies and starting OTH that he has not even had access to his mail and that he wants to read it personally. Some stars just let their publicity people handle it but not him.He is starting to go through it little by little, She told me he would be happy to autograph something when he got a break but unfortunately today they had to rush to get finished before dark."
Here's some advice if you spot Chad in public and would like an autograph, but don't want to intrude or be rude...
  • Do not interrupt a meal or any other private moment. Wait until Chad and his party is ready to leave.
  • Do not demand an autograph. Ask politely and be ready to accept a 'no' if Chad's not in the mood for autographs.
  • Be prepared and have a good pen and decent paper ready so as not to take up too much of Chad's time. 
  •  In particular you should never ask anyone in Chad's party to do the photographing. That's very rude and bothers his party as well as herself.
  • Use common sense! - Think how you'd feel if someone did what you're about to do to you. Helps a lot!


Where can I meet Chad?

As you can imagine he will be filming for "One Tree Hill"  a lot now seeing as it's getting fantastic reviews. The show is filmed down in Wilmington, North Carolina (Yup, as did "Dawson's Creek".. We still love you D/C!) So if you're fortunate to take a road trip or fly all the way from England to Historic Wilmington go everywhere! Wilmington is a quaint little town so hopefully you'll spot Chad or other OTH stars. If you're curious about Wilmington visit this wonderful website: You can also visit the official website of the studio where OTH is filmed: 

  How is Chad like in person?

Well my pal living nearby the set of OTH said "He seemed very nice and he is very good looking in person!"..Don't we all know it? lol. Yeah but in several interviews and magazines it's very clear that Chad is so open to all his fans and wants to do everything he can to greet them.. So don't be shy, Chad always loves to hear from fans!!!



Chad's Fan Mail addresses
Chad Murray,
11271 Ventura BLVD PMB 431
Studio City, C.A 91604
*This one is his well known one.
Chad Michael Murray
"One Tree Hill"
1223 N. 23rd Street,
Wilmington NC 28405
 Fax #: 910.343.3777
 (Although it must be regarding professional inquiries.. In other words if you want to send fan mail do not FAX! ..This just annoys the workers there.)
* This address is the filming address so I'm not sure if it works for certain but worth a try..
ANYONE who gets replies PLEASE email and tell me so I can add your success story!!

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